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Carlo Nardozza Trumpet 

Tim Finoulst Guitar 

Christophe Devisscher Bass 

In August of this year, American composer and alto saxophonist Charlie Parker would have celebrated his 100th birthday. Although 'Bird' only turned 34, his music has never been more alive. Together with a.o. Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk, Parker is considered one of the founding fathers of bebop: after him, jazz would never be the same. His brilliant virtuosity and harmonic complexity sparks the imagination of many jazz musicians. His centennial marks the ideal opportunity to work with his music and that's something Carlo Nardozza (trumpet), Christophe Devisscher (bass) and Tim Finoulst (guitar) from the brand new trio Triology, firmly agree on. “With Par Cœur, we pay tribute to Parker. An interpretation of his virtuoso was an interesting first challenge for us, which we – as a trio – enthusiastically took on”, explains Nardozza.

Triology was born out of Duology, a duo consisting of Nardozza and Devisscher. When they played together at Nardozza's musical home project Casa Nardo, they immediately decided to form a trio. Triology was born, as well as the idea to record an album with songs by Parker. 'Relaxin at Camarillo' and Anthropology' are approached by the trio with the pure emotion that also determines the orginal music. Besides compositions by Parker himself, Par Cœur equally includes jazz essentials of which Bird recorded his own version, like 'Cherokee' (Ray Noble) and 'Just Friends' (John Klenner). With Par Cœur Nardozza, Devisscher and Finoulst deliver a soulful, lively homage to the jazz titan. Or how Parker keeps inspiring.

For the album cover, the trio worked together with Luc Vanden Bosch, a drummer who's found the love for drawing in recent years. 

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